Tuesday, 18 June 2013




Make Each row with different color yarn.. to make the pouch colorish
Chain 44
Row 1: 1dc in 4th ch , * ch1, skp 3 ch and 3dc * ch1,  re* to* up to end, in last ch make 2dc instead of   3dc
Row 2: ch3, 3dc in ch3 sp, *ch1, 3dc into next ch3 sp* re* to* 1dc in last ch3
Row 3: ch3 1dc in the same sp *ch1, 3dc into next ch1 sp*   rep* to*up to end, ch1, 2dc into 3rd ch of ch3
Row 4- 9: Repeat the above
Work 1 row of sc all around the rectangular form, in the edges make 3sc.
Measure length, breadth to make lining cloth and stitch it
Then fold the rectangle form vertically and stitch by joining side and bottom 
Insert another yarn in upper side make ch 3, skip one bunch stitch & make SC continue all around.....
If u can make long chain or Ribbon and insert front and back of alternate bunch in Rw 9 to close the pouch 
Now the nice above coin pouch ready

THANKS FOR  Yolanda Soto Lopez's  PATTERN